A message from our Founder

“Nothing revives the past so completely as the smell that was once associated with it.” - Vladimir Nabokov

Hello and welcome! I am Cheryl, your founder, CEO, and chandler (candle maker) of Blue Spruce Candle Company.

Candles have long been an important part of my life, and I'm thrilled to share my passion for them with you. Candles evoke so many feelings, where just one whiff can bring about an instant calming effect in an otherwise busy day. For me, the smell of gardenias reminds me of joyful moments playing in my grandmother’s backyard as a child. Or put the scent of ocean air in front of me, and my mind immediately goes back to my days spent sunbathing at the beach breathing in the relaxating scent of the ocean.  

Season after season, I find comfort in burning the same scents that reignite the calming and soothing feelings of a particular season, location, or event. 

Blue Spruce Candles was founded in 2021 after I chose to leave my career as a teacher and stay home with my daughter. I taught special education and English for fifteen years, but I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Since college, I entertained a few business attempts, including trying to sew a new type of swimsuit. Thankfully, I realized the sewing gene had passed me over before I went too far down that road!

Leaving the teaching profession was difficult, and I’ll be forever grateful for my colleagues who encouraged me to follow my dream of being a business owner. Becoming a chandler was inspired by my desire to know what makes a reliable, high-quality candle truly stand out. I can’t count the number of times I bought a candle that burned too fast, burned unevenly or too quickly, or smelled wonderful in the jar but lost its scent when burned. Blue Spruce Candles was born from a passion to create candles you can count on that burn slowly and fill the room with soothing scents while also looking beautiful in your home decor.

As a proud Colorado resident, I named Blue Spruce Candle Co after our state tree. The smell of pine trees has perpetually given me a sense of peace and connection with nature. You’ll find that our signature Blue Spruce candle has a soft, sweet, and clean feel to it compared to the sharp, earthy smell of traditional pine-scented candles. 

When I’m not running this business, I can be found spending time with family and friends. I’m a mom to a spunky, adventurous, kind-hearted toddler who loves to smell my fragrance oils and tell me which ones she approves of (like mother, like daughter!). I’m also the wife of a supportive, loving husband who is excited to see the growth of my passion for owning a small business. I love to cook, read, and hike our beautiful Colorado mountains in my spare time.

Thank you for checking us out and supporting our small business! As you share this journey with us, please be sure to reach out anytime with thoughts, questions, and suggestions. We look forward to creating your next favorite candle!